Geraldton company features in business innovation video

Posted on: Monday, 9 July 2012 at 4:53:34 PM

Film crew with GCo Electrical, Geraldton Port

Filming begins at the Karara Mining Limited project in Geraldton Port.

One of WA's leading industrial and infrastructure businesses, GCo Electrical, will feature in a series of videos produced by the Australian Government initiative, Enterprise Connect.

The video is expected to be available on the Enterprise Connect website by mid July and it will also be placed on the GCo Electrical website. The video will form part of Enterprise Connect's promotional materials to market successful business innovation and to encourage other eligible businesses to seek support.

A film crew visited the GCo Electrical office in Geraldton earlier this month, and also recorded footage on location at two of the company's larger scale projects: the Karara Mining Limited project at Geraldton Port and the Mumbida Windfarm project in the mid-west of WA.

CEO, Murray Hadley, said GCo Electrical had gone from strength to strength since Enterprise Connect carried out a Business Review of its operating systems and business profile.

"The Business Review helped us establish a new business plan and achieve our business goals," Mr Hadley said. "It helped us achieve a greater presence and profile across the state and ultimately it led to a complete rebranding.

"We have experienced business growth due to the business plan and a new marketing strategy.

"These innovations have provided us with an increased level of sustainability for all shareholders present and future."

Mr Hadley said "Enterprise Connect invited GCo Electrical to participate in the video project to inspire other businesses to take action and use programs like Enterprise Connect to take their business forward."

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